About Elspeth
Elspeth Scott

Elspeth Scott is an artist based in East Lothian, Scotland. She trained in Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2004 with a First Class MA (Hons) Degree. She has gone on to qualify and continues to work as a teacher of Art, Photography and History of Art.

Elspeth’s sources of inspiration are diverse, ranging from the paintings of the ancient world to decorative folk art. She is drawn to compositions that convey a sense of narrative or symbolism and her artwork, whether portrait, landscape or still life, is strongly atmospheric.

Many of her pieces can be characterized by an appreciation for the properties and quality of the materials she uses; she enjoys the luminosity of oil paint and often paints over prepared supports of layered and sanded collage, drawing and print to create an unusual juxtaposition of colour and texture that serves to both enhance the richness of the painting and to create a beguiling surface texture.

At the foundation of her work, however, is a respect for accomplished draftsmanship; she always portrays her subject matter with a deft hand.